Welland Farmers’ Market

Excite your senses at Niagara’s largest farmers’ market

image of a man playing accordion at the welland farmers' market
Entertainment at the market
image of an indoor hall at the welland farmers' market
Inside the meat & deli building
image of a vendor selling flowers
Market vendors
image of Welland Farmers' Market sign
Main entrance to the Welland Farmers' Market
historical image of the welland farmers' market
Welland Farmers' Market 1914
historical image of the welland farmers' market
Welland Farmers' Market 1958

Welland Farmers’ Market symbolizes over 110 years of small town tradition with a homegrown flavour. Vendors from across Niagara provide a range of produce reflecting Welland’s diverse ethnic roots.

Local farmers proudly share the excitement and flavour of the Welland Farmers’ Market with you. They’ve been luring locals and tourists every Saturday to the Market since 1907, with shelves of fresh fruits and vegetables, tasty meats, natural cheeses, local artisans, and baked goods. The Market is a community place where vendors and patrons respect each other. Vendors at the Welland Farmers’ Market develop community and sell quality products. We endeavour to create an environment which promotes creativity, openness, and cooperation, to celebrate the local talent and expertise that is showcased at the Market.

Welland Farmers’ Market Core Values:

  • To help strengthen the foundation of a healthy community by offering a safe, relaxing and enjoyable place for families and individuals to come together to visit and socialize.
  • To stimulate and support our local economy by providing a venue for local producers to sell their goods.
  • To create an opportunity for community groups to convey information to the Welland community concerning important local, social, agricultural and environmental issues.
  • To encourage a sustainable agricultural food system in Niagara, and our local communities.